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Technology development

BCD mainnet upgrade:

  1. Support wallet dynamic loading and creation
  2. Support upgrade from non-HD wallet to HD wallet
  3. Support BIP174 PSBT
  4. Support external wallet files




1, Bitcoin Diamond BCD Pay Wallet ios version has been released. Apple App Store (domestic need to switch overseas ID use),


BCD Pay Wallet is an easy-to-use digital cryptocurrency wallet with built-in security features that do not retain any user’s private key. A number of online stores and offline stores are now supported. BCD Pay supports a wide range of asset types: BCD, BTC, Litecoin, Dash, ETH, Waves, NEM, EOS, etc. The wallet will also integrate digital asset transaction hosting, encrypted merchant maps, Dapp applications, etc., and will continue to add features and updates.




  1. [ATPTrucks Announces Acceptance of BCD Payment]

ATPtrucks was founded in 2007 and focuses on the performance upgrade of the car, parts and accessories industry. By paying for the choice of cryptocurrency, the users are expanded from a single region to global, and because the transaction costs are greatly reduced (less than a penny), the currency conversion fee is eliminated, and the company can save more money for the customer, BCD Will be deeply ploughed in this direction to provide users with more convenience. Newswire related reports:





  1. [Lighting equipment supplier Semperlite announces acceptance of BCD payment]

Founded in 2007, Semperlite has deep expertise in the field of lighting equipment. Its CEO, Nancy Needham, said that they focus on high-end, rare professional lighting products, and hate being unable to get what they need because they are in different countries. Product, this is why we decided to start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Click here for details:




4, [American lighting wholesaler H&M announced acceptance of BCD payment]

Since its inception in 1997, H&M has become a cost-effective ballast, lamp holder and lamp holder accessory. By using cryptocurrency payments, retailers around the world will receive a large collection of H&M products that are extremely fast and can be processed in minutes. In addition, H&M distributors can share more benefits to customers by significantly reducing transaction costs (less than a penny), canceling currency conversion fees, and avoiding refunds.



5, Car retailer RPM Outlet announced that it will accept BCD payment



  1. Bitcoin Diamond BCD’s vision is to provide everyone with an accessible currency. The BCD New York meetup took a step towards ensuring that this vision became a reality. 2019, move on.




  1. [United States Mining Patriot Mine Pool Announces Support for Bitcoin Diamond BCD Mining]

The current mines supporting BCD mining are: Beepool, UUPool, VVPool, Apool, Icemining, Zpool, BsodPool, Lyra2z, Uberkripto, etc.






The BCD Pay Video event is in progress, creating a video ad for the BcdPay wallet and submitting your entry by March 15th, giving you the chance to win 50 BCDs. Project submission URL: