September Progress Report

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Technology development

  1. [BCD mobile wallet development] The development of the wallet function code is completed, all the tests process are passed, and the problems found in some tests such as the wallet startup white screen are fixed. The wallet APP user interface and the guide image are adjusted and optimized, and the status prompts such as completion of billing and transaction are added, which can enhance the user’s interactive experience.
  1. [BitcoinDiamond Development] The release of BitcoinDiamond v1.1.1 fixes a node crash caused by the use of duplicate data in transaction input. V1.2.0 is refining the test code, fixing the compilations found in the tests and QT wallet display issues, and standardizing the network ports used in Regtest and Testnet modes.
  1. [BCD blockchain browser optimization] Fix the problem that the unconfirmed transaction information input is incorrect, modify the bech32 address format, and increase the richlist interface.

Community events:

    1, BitcoinDiamond BCD supported by Mobi wallet (

  1. AtomicWallet wallet already supports BCD. The AtomicWallet wallet supports atomic redemption and can be exchanged between currencies directly on the chain. At the same time, it ensure that users who use this wallet got the highest level of security.
  1. BitcoinDiamond signed a strategic cooperation agreement with MagicPay. Advisor LinkeYang visited the BCD Bazaar shop on Nonhyeon-dong with MagicPay, and highly evaluated the possibility of the Korea blockchain market.

  1. BCD Foundation and South Korea exchange TREBIT signs a strategic cooperation agreement. BCD will be listed at TREBIT, while jointly promote it in the Korean market and launch a series of blockchain technology cooperation.
  1. Mahonees, the oldest wall art company in the United States, and Marks Jewelry Store, the third largest jewelry retail store in the United States, have completed \ upgrade the digital currency payment system with the support of BCD technology. Currently, they accept BCD and BTC payment
  1. The OTC trading platform OTCBTC.COM has listed Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to exchange, and at the same time opened the BCD’s OTC trading to fiat and BCD/BTC trading pairs.
  1. A luxury store in Seoul, South Korea accepts Bitcoin Diamond BCD payments. located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea,this merchant sell hundreds of luxury items including LV, PRADA, CHANEL.

   8, zpool mining pool now supports BCD mining.

   9.iceming is now supporting BCD mining

  1. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is now available on Luckygames. Luckygames is Revolutionary Multicoin Casino

11.BCD Bazaar has already cooperated with a number of dealers, who will add more than 20,000 products to BCD Bazaar in the near future. And has now accepted payment in various mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and introduces TrueUSD as the other payment method. There are many kinds of goods in the bazaar, including digital products, daily necessities, food, and many others. With continuous improvement, the value of BCD will gradually be reflected.