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BitcoinDiamond Foundation Is Deploying CO-Chain SWAP System

By September 18, 2020 No Comments

BitcoinDiamond itself has the characteristics of decentralized finance. Because it provides people with a part of financial services without permission, self-determination, and decentralization. However, because BCD blockchain focuses more on security and value storage, it is urgent to provide smart contract functions like Ethereum.

Therefore, the BitcoinDiamond foundation has been trying to give BCD more functions (such as lightning network and BTC side chain), or introduce BCD assets with high liquidity into other blockchains (BCD on Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polkadot).

Wrapped BitcoinDiamond (WBCD) on Ethereum has become the first option for BCD assets to cross-chain. WBCD is initiated by the BCD foundation. The system trustee locks the BCD and issues the corresponding Wrapped BitcoinDiamond (WBCD). Strictly abide by the 1:1 reserve guarantee. Every time 1 WBCD is issued, the asset depository address will have  1 BCD, so as to ensure that users can exchange 1:1 at any time. Users can carry out two-way exchange through BCD official website, Bitpie wallet, or custody exchange approved by the BCD foundation.


Wrapped BitcoinDiamond (WBCD) , supported by BitcoinDiamond liquidity as an endorsement, is a digital currency issued based on Ethereum erc-20 standard, aiming to bring the liquidity and stability of Bitcoindiamond into Ethereum ecology.

WBCD can be used in Ethereum ecology, which is directly equivalent to the value of BCD. An investor holding aWBCDis equivalent to owning a BCD, and may receive various rewards at the same time.

WBCD will realize the technical characteristics of decentralized ecology, smart contract, consensus mechanism, and multi-chain parallel. At the same time, the overall layout is carried out in five aspects: Gaming ecological, Copyright chain, Content distribution ecological, blockchain e-commerce experiment, and blockchain network certificate.

The foundation plans that there will be more BCD cross-chain assets running in Cosmos, Polkadot, Binance chain, and Okex chain in the future, so as to achieve seamless exchange and ecological integration.

Now BitcoinDiamond is open to any Defi system or project, we will be the most Defi-dedicated Bitcoin fork.

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