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December Progress Report

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Technology development

[BCD Multi-Currency Wallet] The BCDpay multi-currency wallet function test is completed, some bugs are fixed, the wallet security module is optimized,  the next step is to test the wallet and EOS DAPP integration.

[BCD main network] BCD blocjchain daily maintenance work, processing part of GitHub issue.

BCD v1.3.0 requirements and optimization plan determined, and entered  development stage.


1. Bitcoin Diamond BCD reached cooperation with Paytomat, a solid payment platform. Users can use BCD to pay for merchants who have already connected to Paytomat.

Paytomat Wallet is a part of Paytomat ecosystem – a set of blockchain software solutions that enable local stores and online merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. We’re bridging the blockchain ecosystem with retail. Over 300+ merchants from different business sectors have joined Paytomat’s platform and are successfully working with it.

2, KuCoin exchange has opened BCD withdrawal Cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore KuCoin has opened BCD withdrawal . KuCoin is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange that provides users with convenient and secure digital asset trading services by integrating global quality assets and building state-of-the-art trading platforms. Up to now, Bitcoin Diamond  has been traded on more than 40 exchanges around the world, including world-renowned exchanges such as Binance, OKEX and Gate.

3. NOVA the Sweden exchange listed Bitcoin Diamond BCD trading. Nova Exchange has officially obtained the Swiss Exchange license to provide “coin transaction” and “funded transaction” services for international users, including digital asset storage, transactions,  and other services. Trading link: novaexchange.com

4. With the support of the Bitcoin Diamond BCD French Community and the French Zebitex Exchange, island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean successfully hosted the first “Encryption Night” event in history. Cryptographic community activities enter the Caribbean.

5. Bitcoin Diamond has been supported by the full-featured digital currency management tool BitUniverse. BitUniverse provides one-stop management of multi-exchange assets, including position assets and profit and loss tracking, aggregate transactions, wallets, real-time quotes and professional data. Users can fully tracking BCD community.

6,BCD New York City Cryptocurrency Meetup successfully held.
Thanks to the participation of digital currency enthusiasts, the Foundation will seriously consider the participants’ suggestions for the future development of BCD and strive to make BCD (Bitcoin Diamond) a BETTER BITCOIN.

7. US military equipment contractor Pelecan (pelicancases.com) now supports six mainstream digital currency payments such as Bitcoin Diamond BCD and Bitcoin.

8, BCD Pay wallet into the test phase
Developed in conjunction with Paytomat, BCD Pay Wallet will have all the features of the Paytomat payment system and a rich multi-currency wallet function (supporting both ERC20 and EOS tokens). Other features include support for EOS dApps, e-commerce catalog, and cryptocurrency payment support. Business directory, business map, one-click password checkout, etc., and continue to add features and update details in the future.