BCD new partnership

By April 15, 2018 No Comments

Korea Exchange KAIREX will list Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and open the pair of BCD which will then make BCD the basic currency.

On the 11th of April, the Korea International Exchange KAiREX team and the Bitcoin Diamond team met and together reached an agreement with both signing a strategic cooperation letter in accordance with the CEO of the KAiREX Exchange. This includes conducting multinomial cooperation in terms of launching the KAiREX Exchange, media promotion in South Korea, and assistance with ground implementation in Korea.

BCD will be taken as one of the first digital currencies to be landing on the Korea International Exchange KAIREX. KAIREX will also open the pair of BCD which means BCD will be taken as the basic currency. Other main digital currencies reported to be among the first batch of digital currencies landing in KAIREX and that are recognized by the market include BTC, ETH, BCD, LTC, and ADA.