Release Notes

BCD Pay Wallet Release Notes

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Release Notes:

Hot Supporting Ethereum (ETH)

Added QR-code in sliding-menu

Added Wallet Groups

Added Wallet Groups settings

Added Wallet groups expanding/collapsing

Added Wallet Setting in sliding-menu

Added Request specific amount in crypto or fiat

Added Recovery seed Support

Added Wallet Address and Balance on confirm page

Added Nexo Hot Wallets

Added Binance Hot Wallets

Added Design for each type of wallet

Added Selecting default wallet currency for sending (FIAT or CRYPTO)

Added Slider Balance/QR code in wallet activity page (Android/IOS)

Bug fixes Share BCD Pay

Bug fixes Address Book

Bug fixes Sending Bugs

Bug fixes News bugs

Bug fixes Favorite coins saving

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App includes features like multi-signature cosigning for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Diamond. You can also receive the latest blockchain news directly in the app.

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