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  • [BCD pay wallet]

Testing some functions of BCD pay wallet, such as EOS dApps, e-commerce catalogue, encrypted currency payment support merchant catalogue, merchant map, one-key password checkout.


  • [BCD Main Network]

BCD routine maintenance, to solve the Issue problems, BCD v1.3.0 has been optimize some details, some functions set to the development test.LWMA algorithm is studied.


  • Community
  1. BCD Pay wallet is in Google App Store, download link:


Pay wallet is a simple and easy-to-use digital encrypted currency wallet. It has built-in security functions and does not retain any user’s private key. Now it supports many online stores and offline physical stores. BCD Pay supports rich asset types: BCD, BTC, Litecoin, Dash, ETH, Waves, NEM, EOS, etc. The wallet will also integrate digital asset transaction hosting, encrypted merchant maps, Dapp applications, and constantly add functionality and update details.

The Chinese version will be launched and launched on the official website in the near future. Users can download it directly from the official website:



  1. [Bidali, a well-known card coupon website in the United States, fully accepts Bitcoin Diamond BCD payment] BCD holders can directly purchase more than 30 kinds of gift cards from hundreds of well-known brands in the United States, including Amazon, Bestbuy, Wal-Mart, Nike, Youbu, Starbucks, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, etc. Link: giftcards. bidali. com



  1. American sports equipment Worlds Hottest Bats (WHB) has accepted payment in Bitcoindiamond. WHB is a professional baseball brand, specializing in the production of customized products of major baseball leagues in the United States. With the support of the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation, WHB can accept payment for various types of digital assets and seamlessly convert them into fiat. WHB website:



  1. [Acumotors announces acceptance of BCD payments] Now you can use Bitcoin diamond to buy Acumotors’auto parts and accessories. Acumotors is an online dealer, providing a variety of high-quality and affordable auto parts and accessories. By accepting BCD payments, retailers can own consumers all over the world in encrypted currency.



  1. [ELLIPAL Cold Wallet Supports Bitcoin Diamond BCD]. This wallet is a high-level hardware mobile. It adopts six original security mechanisms and large screen touch to enhance user experience in every detail and protect the security of digital assets.

Download link:



  • Meet up and events


  1. [BCD New York Mining Sharing Meet up] Share cutting-edge mining courses: including server design and construction, power costs, ASIC and GPU procurement, mining ponds and emerging trends, new technologies and investment opportunities, BCD online stores and so on.