The Announcement Of The 2nd BitcoinDiamond Foundation Draft

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Bitcoin diamond (BCD) is a friendly fork of bitcoin (BTC). On November 24, 2017, block height 495866 occurred.. The main features are graphics card mining, low transfer costs, scalability, and support for payment applications. In the years after the fork, the main network runs stably. At the same time, the foundation and the global community are active in operation, supporting more than hundreds of merchant brands with comprehensive category coverage. The global circulation system is taking shape.

At present, bitcoin diamond (BCD) foundation and global community have developed bcdpay / bcdbazaar / bcdapp and other e-commerce and payment applications serving small and medium-sized enterprise users, and gradually expand their operations. It is a few practical service applications in cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin diamond (BCD) inherits the original vision and technical characteristics of bitcoin (BTC) to build a global decentralized financial instrument and point-to-point e-cash payment system. Serving the global market.


November 2017: the main network online, and the foundation released the vision of bitcoin diamond (BCD), which attracted global attention. Forbes, Yahoo Finance reported.
In February 2018, the core expansion functions went online, and the integration of lightning network was completed,
April 2018. Bcdbazaar is online, the world’s first merchant platform fully supported by cryptocurrency.
In June 2018, communities in South Korea, Southeast Asia and South America actively participated in community management,
In July 2018, bcdbazaar was updated, which can be used for merchants to build cryptocurrency merchant platform directly. Since then, the application and merchant support have developed rapidly,
In September 2018, bcdpay went online, with merchant collection capability. Fund management, legal money in and out of the gold and other functions.
In December 2018, the hash power of BCD mainnet exceeded 4mh / s, Comprehensively resist major industry risks.
Bcdapp went online in January 2019, and merchants can directly connect with bcdbazaar through the database systems of Amazon and eBay. This makes it possible for major e-commerce platforms to pay with cryptocurrency.
In March 2019, BCD established BCD offline bank in Busan street.
In May 2019, the new version of bcdpay benlon will be re released, and a release ceremony will be held at the Microsoft flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.
In September 2019, BCD supported exchanges, wallets and mines to break through 300, and launched futures trading.
In November 2019, BCD merchant system will continue to support the updating of new merchants in North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions. More than 200 brands have been supported.
In December 2019, on the basis of rich merchants and enterprise users. BCD announced the development of decentralized financial management procedures based on non sovereign stable currency.

After 2020, the foundation focuses on the stability of BCD’s mainnet, continuous updating of technical details, and storage videocards hash power, so as to protect BCD’s main network when necessary. After one year’s construction, we are happy to announce that we have completed the basic computing power reserve, which can resist all kinds of industry risks for BCD in the future.

Thanks to the trust of the community, it’s time to bring  new blood and start a new live for BCD.
The demands of new members must be required:
1. Holding assets no less than 10000 BCD.
2. Support the vision and development direction of BCD.
3. High morality, no malice to BCD
Preference requirements:
1. Have a certain foundation and interpersonal relationship in cryptocurrency industry
2. Knowledge of programming and cryptography, with formal diploma record.Priority NFT, defi, cross chain technical ability.
3. Have the knowledge and ability to operate cryptocurrency
4. Enthusiastic and efficient pragmatists
5.24-hour quick response capability
6. Reserve of graphics card hash power
6. Reserve of graphics card computing power
7. Priority to celebrities and people with strong communities

Candidates please send email:[email protected] Please attach proof of assets, resume, ability, vision and your determination.We will chat in detail to understand your wishes and abilities. After verification, we will conduct community voting.


Candidates from different regions will have a fair chance to compete for the position.
Five outstanding people will be in charge of the private key ,jointly manage the remaining BCD assets. One address: 1mwaudo3xh7aeyh7ts89d8upocs4ynhlw


Thanks for the loyal support of the community, we also kindly ask you to supervise this process. Together to build our decentralized world.