BitcoinDiamond Develop Roadmap Phase Two

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Bitcoin Diamond
Roadmap Update

Wallet Improvements

Implementing BCD DNS Server Seeder, greatly improving seed node stability and availability. In addition to the seed node network load balancing capabilities it also reduces the risk of instability

LWMA Algorithm

Implementing LWMA algorithm, which can effectively resist hash, timestamp attacks and improve the ability of POW to resist a 51% attack. Intended to negate network exploits such as double spend attacks.

Network Upgrades

Optimizing the main chain network’s processing capability to improve speed, safety, and stability of payment services.

Blockchain Browser and Wallet Upgrade

Adding new core features and tools for both wallets supporting BCD and API based blockchain browsers.

2019 2020

throughout the entire network.

Upgrading the main network, added and optimized some functions (such as wallet dynamic loading and creation), added support for non-HD wallets to upgrade to HD wallets, added support for external wallet files.

Go Language Full Node

Developing the Go language version of the BCD node to diversify the network technology, improve network stability and resist flaw detection.

MainNet Function Expansion

Expanding the main network’s non-Turing-complete function, which will optimise the contract function and thus improve services for the upper layer of the intelligent payment system.

Smart Payment Platform

Developing an intelligent payment platform on the upper layer of the smart contract to provide convenient API services for the application layer.