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November Progress Report

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Technology development


[BcdPay Wallet]

Bcdpay multi-currency wallet is under development. Features include the EOS dapp radar,crypto-currency merchant radar, Fund management function.

All functions is under test development.


[BitcoinDiamond development and maintenance]

BitcoinDiamond v1.2.0 has been released (official website downloadable), synchronous bitcoin core v0.17 code, BitcoinDiamond v1.3.0 is being planned.




  1. BCD has been listed on the UK’s innovative trading platform Indacoin supports users to purchase BCD directly and enter the designated address using the visa/mastercard credit card without registering and submitting any personal information at the best price.


  1. To celebrate the first anniversary of the birth of the Bitcoin Diamond, the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation announced the release of BCDpay wallet, which will be launched in January 2019.


  1. To thank individuals, related projects and other organizations and activities that contribute to the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond Foundation participated in a donation campaign initiated by the non-profit fund Hardcore, and donated 1 BTC


  1. The mining pool in the Netherlands, Lyra2z, now supports bitcoin diamond BCD mining. The number of BCD mines continues to increase and the hashs is gradually dispersed. Mining



  1. Bitcoin Diamond BCD will hold the New York City Cryptocurrency Meetup line in New York December. Those who are interested in digital currency in New York can participate.


6、Bitcoin Diamond BCD German Community has been established, click here to join the community:



  1. Rosetta Coffee now supports BCD payments .



8、Life Enthusiast, a US pharmacy group, and Remarkable Recovery, a health care product store, now support BCD payments. Became the first pharmacy and health care company to support digital assets

Life Enthusiast:

Remarkable Recovery:


9、American brand ANB baby ( fully accepts bitcoin diamond BCD payment. ANB baby was founded in New York, USA, and is the first maternal and child brand to fully accept digital currency payment. The person in charge of ANB baby said that BCD payment eliminates the steps of registering VISA credit card information. Global users can purchase only through BCD transfer and registration delivery address, making multinational business very safe and convenient, giving users a very good shopping experience.