Become a BCD Pay Merchant

Open your e-commerce store to millions of potential new customers who are waiting to buy! Offer your products to a global market without the hassle of accepting expensive international payments.

Becoming a merchant on the BCD Pay International Marketplace will enable you to reach an untouched segment of customers with your products. Sell alongside products from the top online marketplaces and receive online recognition as a BCD Pay Merchant. And the best part — you won’t have to worry about those high credit card feed or being hit with a chargeback. Bitcoin Diamond gives you fast transactions with minimal fees.

BCD Ambassador Program

Introduce your community to Bitcoin Diamond and get paid for it!

With the BCD Ambassador Program, you can become an official representative of Bitcoin Diamond in your community. Through activities like hosting meetups, advancing BCD adoption and attracting local media, you can earn monetary rewards and be a voice for the needs of your community to the BCD team.

We are looking for people who will be strong advocates for the Bitcoin Diamond vision of providing an accessible currency to everyone. If you think you have what it takes to be a BCD Ambassador.