What The Server to Accept Crypto Payments including Bitcoin Diamond

By November 11, 2019 No Comments

CRYSTAL RIVER, FL – What The Server, an online web hosting service, has announced that it will accept payments in Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and five other cryptocurrencies. By accepting BCD and other cryptocurrency payments, What The Server is taking advantage of the rapidly growing role of cryptocurrency in online marketplaces.

What The Server offers a wide range of online services, including domain registration, website hosting, and VPN service. Trusted by its clients, What The Server provides outstanding customer service at a competitive price. With the acceptance of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin (BTC), Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Zcoin (XZC), What The Server is further opening its doors to customers from all across the world.

“Adopting cryptocurrency seemed like a reasonable step for us as a tech company to help us keep pace with the industry climate, better serve our existing customers, and welcome new ones,” said founder Michael Ramsey. “I trust that with BCD and other crypto payments, we will increase our customer base by becoming more accessible around the world. We are excited to see the growth from our partnership with BCD.”

Cryptocurrency payments offer higher efficiency for both merchants and customers. Transactions can be verified in a matter of seconds at just a fraction of the fees charged by credit card processors and merchants are protected from costly chargebacks. Companies that accept cryptocurrency also increase accessibility for digital currency-holding shoppers.

Over the past several years, cryptocurrency has emerged as the next evolution of currency, thanks to its convenience, cost-effectiveness and decentralization. Designed as a means of transaction as peer-to-peer electronic cash, it matches the functionality of traditional fiat currency and goes beyond in efficiency, accessibility and security. Bitcoin launched in 2009 as the first cryptocurrency, and hundreds of others have since followed.

About What The Server
Launched in 2011, What The Server is a trusted provider of VPN, domain, and web hosting services. The company also caters to other e-commerce needs such as website design and development, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. What The Server focuses on providing outstanding customer service at an affordable price point.

About Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Bitcoin Diamond is a Bitcoin fork that was created to solve the slow transaction confirmations and high threshold requirements of Bitcoin. Through BCD Pay, business owners are able to offer their products to a global market without needing to absorb expensive fees from international payments or worry about costly chargebacks from indecisive or fraudulent customers.