CoPay Wallet

By May 1, 2019 No Comments

Dear BCD Community,

We are pleased to announce to you that the next edition of the BCD Pay Wallet using Bitpay’s Copay Core open-source wallet software. The new BCD Pay Wallet will initially support Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and Bitcoin (BTC) only, with support for ERC20 tokens coming soon. Applications within the BCD Pay Wallet will include the Chimpion Merchant App Store, Mooncatcher Market Speedometer, and the MoonCatcher trading integration with Binance, giving users easier access to in-depth trading insights and the ability to trade cryptocurrency directly through the wallet app.

This new edition of the BCD Pay Wallet also means that our partnership with Paytomat is coming to an end. Support for the legacy BCD Pay Wallet will end May 1st, 2019. Paytomat’s intuitive wallet interface was a great fit for the first iteration of the BCD Pay Wallet, but we have concluded that an open-source foundation would best suit our focus on developing apps within the Wallet going forward. We believe that the benefits of focusing on application integrations surpass the need for the wallet to support a wider range of currencies.

For users of our legacy BCDPay Wallet who want to stick with it, we recommend that you download the Paytomat Wallet (available on iOS and Android), as the two wallets currently use the same technology core. To access your old wallet through Paytomat, simply enter the secret recovery words you used to access your legacy BCD Pay Wallet.

We can hardly wait to release the new edition to you, so we’re working hard to have it ready. It is currently in the process of being improved by the app store. Stay tuned for an announcement on our social media and Telegram channels when the new BCD Pay Wallet is live. You are going to love it!


The Bitcoin Diamond Foundation