Announcing the launch of BCD Apps in partnership with Easy Data Feed

By March 13, 2019 No Comments

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Easy Data Feed to license and use their developer platform to launch the BCD Apps initiative. This partnership will enable developers to design applications that encourage cryptocurrency adoption and help merchants to begin accepting crypto payments through the Chimpion platform. We plan to initially release BCD Apps in Indonesia before a wider launch in Asia and the Middle East.

The BCD Apps initiative seeks to educate developers to create solutions for merchants to effectively sell with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Diamond will provide developer sponsorships, educational resources, and support in bringing apps to market. Through Easy Data Feed, developers and merchants can easily extract inventory, pricing, and product information directly from an online supplier portal into a usable spreadsheet.

“We believe that driving cryptocurrency adoption is a community effort,” said Amelie Wu, BCD’s Director of Global Marketing. “For that reason, we want to incentivize talented developers to make it even more attractive for merchants around the world to sell with crypto. We look forward to seeing what innovative ideas stem from the BCD Apps initiative.”

Applications will be made available for free to developers and will be available for merchants worldwide to purchase using BCD or Bitcoin (BTC). Skilled developers who have an interest in helping merchants adopt cryptocurrency and selling their own applications are encouraged to register their interest using the form below

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