Unearthing Opportunity: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Celebrates One Year

By November 23, 2018 No Comments

BCD Foundation announces BCD Pay Wallet, coming January 2019

A year ago today marked the genesis of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), a friendly fork of Bitcoin designed to make cryptocurrency more accessible and usable for day-to-day transactions. Over the past year, the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation has made significant strides, establishing BCD among the top cryptocurrencies and rolling out the BCD Pay and BCD Bazaar initiatives to foster merchant and consumer adoption.

While the last 12 months have been a rollercoaster for the cryptocurrency market, BCD has remained resilient, continually delivering on promises made and innovating to stay ahead of the curve. We established our annual budget early on, so we have been able to continue to fund merchant adoption initiatives regardless of the coin’s trading price.

As a division of Bitcoin that shares its mission, BCD focuses on decentralization through GPU mining and real-world adoption. We always include Bitcoin Core in our products and initiatives and plan to continue doing so. We have been working on something very big that we believe will change the game for cryptocurrency in 2019.

In the coming weeks, BCD will be making a significant announcement about this major project in collaboration with several other organizations. This new project promises to make a positive impact on the industry.

BCD Pay Crypto Wallet

To celebrate its first anniversary, BCD has partnered with Paytomat to release its very own BCD Pay Wallet for iOS and Android, due to release by January 2019.

The BCD Pay Wallet will be a fork of Paytomat’s wallet that we plan to co-develop with Paytomat. The BCD Pay Wallet will have the full functionality of Paytomat’s payment system, monthly wallet updates on major app stores, and sophisticated multi-coin wallet (which supports both ERC20 and EOS tokens). Like the Paytomat Wallet, it will offer users multi-asset support, fiat value updates, fast payments, and cutting-edge security.

Adding even greater functionality to the wallet, we plan to develop a native cryptocurrency trading integration — similar to that in Crypto.com’s wallet — and option to automatically convert funds received to USD-backed stablecoin or chosen cryptocurrency for our e-commerce and brick-and-mortar merchants. Other features include EOS dApps, e-commerce merchant directory, and one-click crypto checkout. With the latter, BCD holders will be able to automatically open their mobile wallet to pay for online transactions with a single click.

Most importantly, we will be seeking promising projects to partner with. This would involve adding their coin to our wallet and airdropping it to people holding BCD in the BCD Pay Wallet. It is our goal to make the BCD Pay Wallet the wallet of choice for merchants, customers, investors, and airdrops.

The launch of the BCD Pay Wallet aligns with BCD’s mission of accessibility, designed to support microtransactions and airdrops. This will enhance the BCD ecosystem and create opportunities for partnerships with innovative crypto organizations, which will be facilitated through the wallet.

With a successful first year under our belt and big plans for Year 2, the BCD Foundation would like to thank our loyal community who have shown us endless support and enthusiasm. BCD will continue to deliver on our promises and work towards our mission of making digital currency accessible and usable by everyone, regardless of economic status, country of origin, or level of ability.